Chantel C is a creative. Instead of limiting her work to one medium, she chooses to bring together different forms of expression in order to communicate her conceptions, visions, and impressions. She began writing poetry in the seventh grade. Her first poem was selected among a handful to be presented to a Holocaust survivor, who held a talk at her middle school. It was this competition and the speaker’s words about her poem that influenced her perspective on poetry’s limitless possibilities as well as its introspectional reach. From this experience on she became an adamant writer. Other manifestations of her thoughts include prose, photography, drama/theater, and vintage crafts.

Chantel C was born in Miami FL. She decided to move to Germany after high school. She has lived in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Freiburg, Heidelberg, Mannheim, and Munich. She still considers herself a “southern” girl; at the same time she cannot deny the influence that living in Germany has had on who she has become and who she is.

What’s this?

RipRap English Slams was a monthly poetry slam founded by Chantel C for English-speaking slammers in Munich Germany. The slams began in March 2010 and took place once a month at Café Gap. Due to Chantel C’s move, the last slam took place in September 2011. It was not an easy decision for her, but with no one to take over the responsibility, Chantel C discontinued the event. This website was originally used to announce the slams. You can find all that information under ARCHIVES. Now, Chantel C uses the website to update you on her work. So roam around — you might find something of interest.